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Welcome to Bonnette Nation!

Free Music Download

​Important Information:

  • Click the red "Get Track" button. Enter your email (this is for confirmation purposes).

  • The download link in the email is active for three days only. This is for your protection to prevent pirating.

  • If the music is not downloaded within the three day time period, you cannot resend the link.

Glad You're Here!

Thank you for trusting me with your email address. I know... you just wanted the free song download. That's okay, but now that you're part of Bonnette Nation (Awesome!), you’ll now receive an email once per week, maximum. That means I promise to not email you more than once per week. What you'll get in those emails are details on when I have a new release, news updates, live performance announcements, new merch, video content, and who knows. I may just want to share a clip from the recording studio that I don't want to share with everyone else.

If you’re new here, be sure to check out my Socials page. Follow and add me to your playlists on your favorite streaming platform.

*Remember to add bonnetteson @ gmail dot com to your contacts or find an email from us add to your “safe list” so you actually get our emails.

~ Anthony

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