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Anthony Bonnette Releases New Single, Hey There Pretty Girl

Updated: Apr 1


January 26, 2024


single cover - Hey There Pretty Girl
Artwork by: Brad Harris Graphics


Nashville, TN – January 26, 2024 – Country artist and songwriter Anthony Bonnette is proud to announce the release of his much-awaited single, "Hey There Pretty Girl," available on all major streaming platforms starting January 26, 2024. Go Listen to Hey There Pretty Girl.

Following the success of his previous single "Lone Star Steel," which reached over 2.1 million listeners and numerous Spotify playlists, "Hey There Pretty Girl" is poised to be the next staple on country music playlists across the globe. Bonnette will celebrate the release of "Hey There Pretty Girl" with fans tomorrow night at Five D Cattle Co.

Anthony's storytelling skills have already scored him a spot among the top 200 Americana Artists worldwide and his last single, "Lone Star Steel," will undoubtedly touch the hearts of country music enthusiasts and Anthony Bonnette fans alike.

According to Chartmetric, with the release of "Lone Star Steel," Anthony placed among the top 10,000 Country Artists and the top 20,000 Singer/Songwriter Artists. Recorded at the iconic KSIJ studios—where the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself once recorded—with the talents of Milo Deering of The Eagles and produced by Chad Mauldin of Mauldin Productions, Anthony's new single "Hey There Pretty Girl" is expected to continue this remarkable trajectory.

"Hey There Pretty Girl," captures the essence of traditional country music. This song is a timeless two-step that dance halls across the world and country music fans everywhere will love.

Upcoming Plans

Anticipation grows as he continues to produce authentic, soulful country music, and has a total of five singles slated for release in 2024. Anthony brings his captivating performances live to audiences to support these releases with dates and venues available on his website,

For more details about Anthony Bonnette and his music, live performances, please visit, YouTube, and Spotify.

Join us in celebrating the launch of "Hey There Pretty Girl" and stay tuned for an incredible journey through country music with Anthony Bonnette.

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Media Contacts:

Holly Bonnette,, +1-214-587-8674

For booking inquiries, please fill out the contact form:

Song Credits:

Songwriter: Anthony Bonnette

Producer: Chad Mauldin, Mauldin Productions

Recording Studio: KSIJ Studios

Vocals: Anthony Bonnette

Drums: Jeff Shelton

Bass: Jackson Mauldin

Fiddle: Milo Deering; Raymie Moore

Steel Guitar: Milo Deering

Electric Guitar: Chad Mauldin

Graphic Design: Brad Harris Graphics

Image Downloads

photo of Anthony Bonnette
Anthony Bonnette. Photo Credit: Malorie Roland
Single Cover - Hey There Pretty Girl - Anthony Bonnette
Hey There Pretty Girl - Anthony Bonnette; Artwork by: Brad Harris Graphics


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