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Hey There Pretty Girl

Song & Music Credits:

Songwriter: Anthony Bonnette

Producer: Chad Mauldin, Mauldin Productions

Recording Studio: KSIJ Studios

Vocals: Anthony Bonnette

Drums: Jeff Shelton

Bass: Jackson Mauldin

Fiddle: Milo Deering; Raymie Moore

Steel Guitar: Milo Deering

Electric Guitar: Chad Mauldin

Graphic Design: Brad Harris Graphics

Featured in the Video:

Venue: Neon Moon Restaurant & Social Club - Yantis, TX

Vocals: Anthony Bonnette

Drums: Jason Scott

Bass: Monty Gage

Fiddle: Keenan Friday

Steel Guitar: Randy Ortigo

Electric Guitar: Jay Lowe

Dancers: Brittanie Portwood, Jordan Peterson, Stephen Scroggs, Tony Bonnette, Becky Winn, Robert Nichols, Debbie Nichols, Mark Bonnette, Lisa McGuire, Greg Hensley, Donna Hensley, Al Howell, Holly Howell, Larry Bishop, Alicia Bishop, Robert Frost, Lynda Frost

Special Thanks:

Chris Bevill or Bevill Music, Tiffany Osterman, Jenna Lambright, Jim & Patti Luttrell.

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