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photo of tall male, Anthony Bonnette, holding acoustic guitar
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Damn buddy. You remind me of Don Williams. Cool voice and sound. -- You got a cool thing going. Hope it grows for you brother.

Dave Fenley

The Voice, 2018

"I've Been in the music business for over 10 years now. I'm a singer, songwriter and most recently a promoter for various venues and festivals in North East Texas. I've Worked in numerous venues and recently owned one of the largest Honky Tonks in East Texas.
The music business can be very competitive and as many of us are aware traditional country music just isn't on the forefront for the big labels anymore.
As a promoter I've seen a handful of bands build a consistent following in a dancehall setting with traditional country music. It's not easy to get followers to come out every weekend to a different venue.
I was tasked with trying to fill an over 15,000 square foot room every weekend in a small East Texas town. To do that you have to find good talent.
Recently I discovered Anthony Bonnette. He sells tickets, entertains the crowd and keep the dance floor full and his crowd consistently makes long drives to catch their show. It is so great to see these days.

For me, along with ticket sales of course, it's their professionalism and stage presence that gives me confidence to put my reputation on the line and drop a message here for the band. They get it. They are easy on the venues and the sound engineers as well. Our sound engineer already knows what he is dealing with and that he is in for an entertaining night as well as a smooth show.
I hope to continue working with this group for years to come and see them continue to succeed. I love working with bands who enjoy what they do and appreciate the opportunity to work and hook a crowd.

To venues:
If your in the market for a band that's growing, has a consistent following, is professional and packing dance floors and will work just as hard to promote their shows as you do. Consider Anthony Bonnette.

To concert goers:
If your looking for a live country band you can actually dance to and not leave the venue with a headache or get caught in some after show brawl. Catch one of their shows. You won't be disappointed.
As long as this group keeps putting good music out and that fan base stays locked in you won't be able to catch em locally too much longer.

To other bands:
People still want to dance. You don't have to follow mainstream to get a good following.
Good Luck Anthony Bonnette. Keep on keeping on, its working."

Chris Bevill - Owner Bevill Music

bevill music.PNG


2009 - "Funny Man" - written by Anthony Bonnette, produced by Toby Keith and Merle Haggard, published by Bluewater Music, covered by Rodney Carrington. Over 112K Pandora Streams, 230.6K+ Spotify Streams, and 67+ Spotify playlists.


June 3, 2023 - "Just A Heartache Ago" - Ranked #24 Soundcloud Ireland Pop Chart. The single was featured on NAS All-Stars, Coffee & Country, & Release Radar, when released in January 2023.


July 16 2023 - Ranked Top 100K "Singer/Songwriter" Artists in the World.

July 18 2023 - Ranked Top 500 "Americana" Artists in the World.


Sept 30 2023Reached over 101.6K Views on YouTube.


Oct 3 2023 - Ranked within the Top 20K "Country" Artists in the World (#10,294).

Oct 3 2023 - Ranked within the Top 50K "Singer/Songwriter" Artists in the World (#22,349).


Oct 9 2023 - Reached Over 10K Spotify Monthly Listeners.

Oct 10 2023 - Ranked within the Top 500K Artists in the World (#432,455).

Oct 12 2023 - Ranked #217 "Americana" Artists in the World.

Oct 13 2023 - Ranked #213 "Americana" Artists in the World. Ranked #10,029 "Country" Artist in the World. Ranked #21,746 "Singer/Songwriter" Artist in the World.

Oct 17 2023 - Ranked within Top 200 "Americana" Artists (#189); Top 10K "Country" Artists; Top 20K "Singer/Songwriter" Artists in the World.

Oct 31 2023 - Anthony Bonnette reached over 50K Spotify monthly listeners.

Nov 11 2023 - "Lone Star Steel" added to Spotify Old country classics and more at position 82 with 180.8K followers.

Feb 19 2024 - Ranked within Top 250K Artists in the World (#242,109); #165 "Americana" Artist; #6,183 "Country" Artist; #11,048 "Singer/Songwriter" Artist in the World. 55,427 monthly Spotify listeners. Over 8K monthly Pandora listeners.


HB Entertainment
Phone: (214) 587-8674


B! Noticed PR
Bev Moser
Phone: (615) 347-4661

Radio Promotion

Jennifer Blair Promo
Phone: (615) 319-2737

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